Friday, February 05, 2010

Quote Of The Day

From Charlie Brooker's column on the iPad:
I just hope buying a MacBook won't turn me into an iPrick.

By the way, there's at least seven points in the article where I laughed out loud. The guy's a genius. And if you haven't seen his explanation of how to report the news on television, you've really missed out.

On this whole iPad thing, I have a question for our tech-minded readers: what exactly is this for? I'm genuinely curious. What does the iPad do that other devices -- more conveniently sized -- don't? Which demographics is Apple trying to reach here?


Adhyayan said...

You know the target demographic - 20 to 30 something urban hipster elite. As for use cases, Jobs says that you can get intimate with it, whatever that means. Folks on the sub-continent would be better off with non-Apple products anyway since they are way too expensive here.

Bm said...

A friend of a friend said the best use for it was to put on a Krang screensaver and strap it to your belly.

AKS said...

If I had oodles of cash lying around I'd buy one - but only after the iPad starts running flash. Its quite a handy toy when you think about it: imagine you're watching a champions league game and want to check some stats or watch a youtube video, the Ipad (which I'm presuming is much quicker than laptop) would be perfect for the job, you could even pass it around to your friends.

On top of that it looks like something out of a sci-fi movie and the inner geek in me can't help but be awe struck by it.

Charlie Brooker is just awesome. And if I'm not mistaken he's an arsenal supporter, which would explain his desire to look at things humorously - yes Arsene we do not need to sign anyone, Arshavin is perfectly suited to be a striker.

You should check out his TV show called Newswipe, here's a clip:

JDèé said...

I think Apple screwed up bad with this. And I don't think it's faster than a laptop. Maybe, faster than a netbook but not a laptop.

forcedmeditation said...

I still think Jobs knows what he's doing.

I think the iPad won't be a total failure, as predicted by many ... even if it's not a raving success like the iPod/iPhone.

Jaydev said...

Tablet PC concept have been around a while..iPad is one such thing.
Its basically a laptop (without keyboard)..with a stylus or touch screen.Of course,I have a question .. readers: what exactly is this for? is the perfect question we all must be asking..when companies are creating a product which nobody NEEDS..and soon enough in hip becomes yet another iSomething which makes you a "LOSER" if you dont have it.
.Checkout New York Times article of fmr Microsoft VP lamenting about death of innovation in MS(and abt death of MS Tablet PC,PDA,Zune etc).

the sheikh said...

I believe that this is something that would be a perfect addition to a coffee table.

Like if you just want to quickly check your mail, check the news etc etc.

Think about it. All your heavy computer use will be on your work laptop / desktop. At home, all you're really doing is browsing/emailing/IM'ing. This is good enough for all those things.

Ahsan said...

Comment of the year award goes to Bm.

Asfandyar said...

Ofcourse the iPad won't bomb; there's far too many apple fanboys out there who'll ensure it gets peddled around enough.

and no multi-tasking either. :|

Anonymous said...

The reason iPad will be successful is the same reason iPhone and iPod touch are so hot: Applications. All the same cool and dirt cheap applications that are available on iPhone will now be available hopefully for not much more on iPad. And the process of downloading apps will be the same 1 click iTunes experience that has been so successful for iPhone. And no you would'nt have to be restricted to iPhone form factor. Given their success, I bet all app developers are rushing to develop modified versions of their apps that make use of the larger screen size.

Anonymous said...

Flash? Never. HTML5? Yes.

AKS said...

anon 1104,

“Flash? Never. HTML5? Yes.”

Sure. But say goodbye to full utilization of the web for at least 3 years. If porn sites haven't caught on to HTML 5 till now, you know that its going to take some time for everyone else to catch up.