Tuesday, February 23, 2010

There Are More Important Things Than Football

After an abject, goalless draw with Liverpool, the Manchester City manager, Roberto Mancini, had this to say about Carlos Tevez who was absent and sorely missed:

"He is in Argentina and it's a big problem because we have an important week," the City manager said. "We don't have any depth and, for me, it is not good. Carlos went eight days ago and I don't even know [if he will be back for the game at ­Chelsea next Saturday]. I don't know if, while he is in Argentina, he has been working [on his fitness]. I hope that Carlos comes back within two days. I have ordered him to come back and I hope in the next few days he can come back."

Fair enough one would think, Mancini as a manager has every right to order his players back when the team is missing them. But why is Tevez in Argentina anyway?

Because his wife prematurely gave birth to his daughter who is still under the observation of doctors on life support. Tevez, like any reasonable father, wishes to stay with his family until his daughter is completely out of danger.

Mancini, get a grip man.


Umair Javed said...

Would have served his cause a lot better had he come out and spoken for himself rather than let that slimeball Joorbachian speak on his behalf....either way...Mancini is a douche (and so is his team for holding Liverpool to a 0-0)

Ammara said...

I think Tavez did the most ethical thingie by staying back.... set a humane example fr all the footbal fanatics..

muhammad said...

i hate mancini since the day he joined sky blues.

lalapathan said...

I hope everything works out , i love Tevez , he has been in great form and i want him to keep playing that way , Inshallah by the world cup him and Messi will be in terrifc form and win it for Argentina , although Diego might have other plans to screw it up some how :)

Ahsan said...

Didn't want to make a new post for this video, but please watch an Athletic fan peeing in the wind in the general direction of the visiting Anderlecht supporters. Ah, those crazy Basques.


Alee said...

What do you expect from Man City's manager?