Saturday, February 27, 2010

Video Of The Day

Hahaha. Classic.

Two related points. One, there now appears to be a title race in England, a real one (though Arsenal have to beat Stoke for this to be true). Second, England's back four is shaping up to be an utter disaster for the World Cup. Quarter final exit again?


AKS said...

hahaha. thanks for posting this, I missed the start. By the way I love how its Sky News that feels the need to report on this, the English need to find a different hobby.

By the way did you hear that Kamran Akmal and Rana Naved have been named as the players accused of match fixing and dropped from the T20 WC squad. Our journey back to the nineties is now complete.

Ahsan said...

Also, Bellamy apparently called Terry a wanker as he shook his hand, though I haven't been able to find a clip of that.

Asfandyar said...

post match Bellamy was asked if the whole Bridge v Terry thing had a 'galvanizing' effect on City, and his reply, to paraphrase, was:

"you guys keep making a big thing out of it, I know what JT is like and it didn't surprise me"

Now when Craig "i love golfclubs and swinging them at my teammates" Bellamy jumps onto a moral high horse, you know you've hit a pretty garish ravine.

I'd be very, very surprised if Spain don't walk away with the WC. Unless Del Bosque goes batshit mental.

Ahsan said...

Favorites almost never win, and besides, I think Brazil are heavier favorites than Spain.

I think a mild shock type team might take it -- Argentina or Germany or someone like that.

Asfandyar said...

No way is a Maradona led Argentina gonna get close to the WC. I mean Messi is phenomenal, but Maradona's going to do his best to screw it up.

Germany is a good shout. Low has been doing pretty well with a relatively non-stellar group of players.

There's always England too hahahahaha.

Dunno how busy you'll be during the WC Ahsan, but there should definitely be lots of liveblogging then.

@AKS: is Van Persie supposed to be able to make it to the WC? Really hope he does, him and Robben would be amazing. At the very least I think along with Sneijder these three could push the oranje to the quarters at least.

Ahsan said...

The reason I refuse to rule them out is because their talent at multiple positions is just unbelievable. Up front they have Messi, Milito, Higuain, Tevez, Aguero. In midfield, they can have Mascherano, Di Maria, Cambiasso, Maxi Rodriguez etc etc. Their back four is iffy, but with Garay, Samuel, Zanetti etc it's not the worst in the world. I think they could get on a roll.

Diego should just leave them alone and say "Go and play". No tactics, no nothing. Let them figure it out. If he tries to interfere, he'll make them worse.

JJY said...

I hope Holland does something of consequence. I was terribly sad when they were dumped out of Euro 2008 against Russia.

Speaking of which, I'll miss Russia and Turkey.

And v. Persie is apparently going to be ready at the end of april...

Acro said...

I will be surprised if they even pass round of 16, maybe just because of rooney.

Argentina can pull it off.