Wednesday, March 10, 2010

That Nasri Goal

What a night. It's been a long time since Arsenal have had a big win against respectable opponents or anyone actually - it was their first win with a 5 goal margin since the very first game of the season. And they should've score a couple more - there were glaring misses my Arshavin and Sagna.

Arsenal deserved to win but they weren't always in control, Porto had the opportunity to get right back in the game but they didn't and Arsenal grabbed their opportunity by the balls. Quick and effective.

But it doesn't matter that they weren't solid at the back, or that Porto lacked incisiveness, or that Clichy was once again poor, or that Campbell looked old. Arsenal won 5-0 and had fun doing it, what more can you ask for. They huddled together in the end looking energized and enjoying each others company, that made the win all the more sweeter.

Best of all, Nasri scored this most sumptuous goal:

Breathtaking stuff. There's a reason why they once called the new Zidane. (Then again they'd hail any technically gifted French footballer of Algerian descent as the new Zidane. I wonder if he had all the new Maradonas play against the new Zidanes, who'd win?)


Umair J said...

A very nice goal indeed. I just have two words to say on this, or for that matter any issue today

Ijaz Butt

Asfandyar said...

good god if arsenal win the league their fans will be absolutely unbearable.

the ridiculously easy run in doesn't help either :@ wenger signing deals with the devil :wavesfist: