Thursday, May 20, 2010

Blogging Will Be Light For A Week

I am going on a much-deserved vacation. To New York. Hahaha. Anyway, I'll be back next week. I know it'll be hard for Pakistanis to live without me and Facebook at the same time, but you'll be okay. Connect with your family or something for a while.

P.S. No, commenters, I don't have anything to say about the Facebook ban beyond: hahahhahahahahahahahhahahahaah, God we're stupid.


Smci said...

Have a ball bro.

What's say we use this post to talk about the Facebook Ban anyway?

I think it's a good thing overall.

Anonymous said...

For those interested

a known mouse said...

I agree, a temporary ban is essential. or at least some form of action or measure on part of the Pakistani government is. especially given that, unlike most places in the world, the fringe element of our nation has the ability to do bomb blasts at will. (no one deserves to die over such a sad affair)

AKS said...

a known mouse,

Where does it end? There will always be stuff on the interwebs that people will find offensive and vile, the best way to not be offended is to ignore it. You don't want your kids finding it, download a filter, better yet, make sure the computer is in a public place in your house. This is a dangerous trend, think of the implications: the internet is the only medium where people in Pakistan can really speak freely, and if you start taking that away, we will be worse off.

a known mouse said...

The best way to deal with it is to ignore it. No doubt about that.

But to expect, for that certain element of our population to be able ignore this would be like implying that they have the ability to somehow even feign tolerance.

And, let's admit, tolerance is not their hallmark.

right side of the river said...

Agree with a known mouse. It's a step that unfortunately had to be taken because you don't want people throwing Molotov cocktails at a KFC over this.

It is by no means ideal and not to mention that it is bringing more publicity to something that shouldn't get any, but rather have unhappy people not being able to chat with their honey or look after their farm than 15 dead 30 injured.

Anonymous said...

Ahsan, seriously man. Some posts just HAVE to be written.

Sometimes, we, the surfers, surf randomly looking for a good read. And sometimes, we come here expecting to see what FRB has to say about it.

alone without ahsan and left with AKS said...

Without Ahsan, we have AKSs retarded posts. what are we to do now. ef.

sTk said...

actually Ahsan is meeting AKS in NY. Maybe Ahsan will rub off on AKS and he wont be that bad after all.

rubbing off on people is haraam said...

we know ahsan will rub off on aks. hehe

rubbing off on people is haraam said...

On AKS's face that is

CATGIRL said...

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mehreenkasana said...

Aw. Oh well, stay safe.

Also, best comment ever made on the Facebook ban.

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