Monday, May 17, 2010

Don't Forget About The Rafay Alam Conversation!

This really is my fault. I put up my conversation with Rafay Alam up on the weekend, when blog readership is considerably lower. I then completely ensured that no one would read it by adding the Hamid Mir post, which understandably is getting more attention because of its scandalous nature.

Be that as it may, I am requesting you to go read the Rafay Alam conversation. Unlike the idle speculation in the Hamid Mir post, it's actually educational. I can only speak for myself; I learned a lot. And it's about real-world important stuff, like water and electricity and development in Pakistan. So check it out.


M. said...

Thank you. This was very informative.

M. said...

I meant the conversation. I imagine Mr. Alam's an excellent lecturer too.

Ahsan said...

Thanks, M. I imagine he is too. He has a very nice ability to break down complicated issues into simple language, which is a great gift to have for journalists and teachers. Makes sense that he's both.

Smci said...

Ahsan, thx for posting the email exchange.

One thing that wasn't really discussed too greatly in depth was the issue of subsidies and their burden on the national balance sheet. Nor was there any hypothesizing about the potential impact of rolling back subsidies on different strata of society. This is another issue where the impact of the World Bank and IMF can be hotly debated.

Also, I'd have to disagree with Rafay about the primacy of political ideologies of 'personal freedom' and their centrality in technological advancement.

Personal freedom is just one part of a larger committment to free market enterprise, and an overarching, societal value of consumerism.