Friday, June 04, 2010

Five Rupees Wins An Award

Well, there you go. Some of you may know that Five Rupees was nominated in the Pakistani Blog Awards under the "Political coverage" category. Last week, they announced their winners, and lo and behold, we won in our category. They even gave us this badge to put up here.

I'm obviously flattered and honored, and grateful to both the organizers as well as Mosharraf Zaidi and Kalsoom Lakhani for nominating us months ago. Also, I am very whatever-the-opposite-of-"grateful"-is to both AKS and NB for helping me in keeping this blog constantly updated.

By the way, on a completely unrelated note, this blog is set to undergo a couple of changes in the next week or two. Stay tuned.


Kalsoom said...

Congrats guys! Very well-deserved.

takhalus said...

ungrateful? ..admit it you paid em!

mubarak anyways!

lala pathan said...

congrats guys , ur wife must be proud now :)

Zeba said...

Congratulations to you! :) Looking forward to the changes, and I hope whatever they are, they help in you getting more readers for the blog.

stevens said...

I have to agree with Manan -- the biggest and best change would be to get some black text on a white background.

JDèé said...

Congrats, Ahsan!
This is proly one of the best Pakistani blogs out there, not just political but sports and other issues as well.
I might not always agree with everything that is written here or comment a lot but I surely appreciate all the effort you put up in the content.
Truly deserved!
Just a question: I know I am a few years late now but why did you guys name this blog 5 Rupees?

Ahsan said...

Thank you to all for the congrats. It's been a fun ride, made more fun by some very smart and incisive and well-informed commenters over the years.

Stevens: You know, I once tried changing the theme, and I screwed everything up, including our archives. I'm not very good with this stuff to be honest.


I actually don't remember anymore. I sent an email to NB, who's the one who came up with the name. As soon as he gets back to me, I'll let you know. If you still care that is.

Pablo Kisggernatis said...

This is what NB had to say

Four friends (but really three?)... Who knew? :)

Yo Mista said...

Congrats guys!

joven said...

hi, you have nice blog.. u can view also mine..

Naqiya said...


zeyd said...

Congrats Burns, congrats Aks! Oh and congrats to that Ahsan dude as well I guess.

mcphisto said...

tamam ehl-e-cyber space ki jaanib say dilee mubarak baad qubool farmyaein.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got this award.That is how I came to know about this blog.Brilliant.The best Pakistani blog I've come across so far.

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