Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I Can't Think Of A Title For Something This Brilliant

Behold. Via Huma Imtiaz's twitter, please check out this Geo report, which tells us what the covers of notebooks sold in Lahore's Urdu Bazaar are being made of.

Sorry English speakers, but I can't translate while I'm laughing this hard. The images should be good enough though.

It does seem to me, though, that much of the consternation is due to the fact that it's ghair-mulki (international) booze. I imagine the Geo newscasters and the interviewees would be happier with Murree brewery cartons being used instead.


Kalsoom said...

Ok. This is pretty awesome.

ayesha5 said...

I want a black label title register/notebook. Looks cool! ;-)

Taha said...

man, that newscaster(female) went all mama(will scold ya) on his arse. poor guy.
but anyway, does anyone know if sharab is banned in paki markets? the guy mentioned kids are learning about available sharab me wonders, if sharab is that easily accessible in pakiland?

Anonymous said...

yeah sharab is widely available everywhere in Pakistan. especially Lahore. The khaatam-e-nabuwat conference peeps hit the bar after a tiring day of issuing fatwas and declarations. Ahmadis are not allowed inside these sharaab-khaanas.

greywolf said...

i guess those of us (remaining) who do not consume alcohol, something like this is disconcerting. probably not a big deal for some people, but as a muslim who doesnt consume alcohol, i'm slightly jarred at the nonchalance this all seems to have with most people. oh well...

Anonymous said...

@greywolf i don't drink either, but hahahhaahah this is ridiculous i really want this register now. being a 'muslim who doesnt consume alcohol' doesnt mean i faint with horror at the sight of whisky packaging

Anonymous said...

that newsreader was HOTTTTTTTT!

Mariam A said...

wheres the JD? only three whiskeys being sold in lahore?shame on you lahore!

"red label? black label? taleem pe kya label lag raha hai?"

well said. well said, sober not happy news anchor.

Jaydev said...

I dont drink or smoke(like never ever) either.No big deal.I mean the joke is the sheer disproportionate cultivated outrage shown by anchor &channel.Do u really think alcohol is the biggest deal when u hav an Afghanistan near you which supplies ~80-90% of world's drugs.Get real& get a life due/dudette.

Cheap hypocritical outrage born out of scholastic anti-intellectual atmosphere.

Pablo Kisggernatis said...

"bachon kay zehen per manfi asraat hon gay"

Finally the infidels have found a way to stop our brilliant kids from winning Nobels...

miks said...

Hey guys recycling is a good thing. Save trees- Use a black label notebook, and yeah the education dept has way more problems than these books. Grow up people.

Anon_frm_hell said...

“This fear of finding oneself in bad company is not an expression of political purity; it is an expression of a lack of self-confidence.”
Arthur Koestler

Oban said...

Good God, what is the matter with you guys?? I agree with these Geo people. Blended whisky?? Who drinks that stuff?

To the chap who found the newscaster hot, what were you drinking?

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